DRC training courses

The courses prepared and delivered by the Dispute Resolution Centre’s Directors and our Associates are many and varied.  They include:

For generalists:

  • Introduction to Mediation
     A one-day course for advocates, businessmen and others interested in learning more about mediation.  Courses are tailored to the specific needs of the participants eg: insurers, community workers, bankers, environmental groups etc
  • Since 2003, DRC has designed and facilitated an annual two-week course on Mediation and Conflict Resolution Skills at the Uganda branch of the Washington International Law Institute (ILI) for participants drawn from across the continent in fields such as commerce, law, human rights, judiciary, electoral commissions, banking, construction and criminal justice.      
  • In collaboration with Nigeria's Negotiation and Conflict Management Group, consultant managers of the Lagos Multi Door Courthouse, DRC has facilitated their Certificate Course in Mediation and ADR.

For the justice sector:

  • Distance Learning Programme for the Judiciaries of African Anglophone countries on Judicial Reform, World Bank 2005 and 2006
    Two 6-week videolink courses  conducted at the World Bank’s office in Nairobi for the judiciaries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana and Ethiopia.  DRC presented the introductory ADR Module in partnership with Professor Osita Eze of Nigeria’s Institute of Peace.  As a result, the judiciaries of Nigeria and Ghana requested the World Bank to facilitate a follow-up videolink six-week course dedicated to ADR to which we further contributed, and delivered a Case Study on the development of ADR in Uganda.    
  • Mediation and the Lawyer’s role
    DRC has facilitated several courses for lawyers, both private and for the Law Society of Kenya which has introduced recently Continuing Legal Education (CLE) as well as for the Nigerian Bar Association (Unity Bar in Abuja FCT and several branches in Lagos State)
  • Nigeria Multi Door Courthouse
     DRC has delivered training in mediation skills to the Panels of Neutrals in Lagos, Abuja FCT and Kano State Multi Door Courthouses.  

For business:

  • The ILI has also hosted dedicated courses for the Tanzanian Communications Regulatory Authority on ADR in general and on Complaints Handling facilitated by DRC
  • Nigerian commercial sector.  Dedicated courses for lawyers, bankers, media houses, oil and gas industry, insurers and MSMEs delivered at the Lagos and Abuja Multi Door Courthouses, funded by the British Council Security, Justice and Growth Programme

For communities and their stakeholders:

  • Conflict resolution courses, involving a variety of skills, including one-on-one negotiation, mediation and conflict mapping, in Rwanda, Congo and Uganda for International Gorilla Conservation Programme, Frankfurt Zoo and Uganda Wildlife Authority for its senior wardens working in Virunga Mountains and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
  • Fresh Water and Conflict courses - Faro in Portugal’s Algarve, Cadiz in Spain and Plymouth in England may seem unlikely settings for an EU-funded Masters Degree course on Freshwater and Coastal Management.   However, the Universities lead the European field in Marine Biology and Rupert Watson has taught in one or other of the universities for the last six years.  
  • Community rebuilding courses following Kenya’s post-election violence – DRC partnered with Uzima Foundation to teach two-day courses to help restore inter-tribal relationships in western Kenya.  
  • The role of mediation in achieving reconciliation has been recognised by some justice systems as a critical element in providing justice to the poor.  In partnership with the Malawi Paralegal Services Institute (PASI), and funded by Irish Aid in collaboration with the Danish Institute of Human Rights, Brenda Brainch (Director of Kenya's DRC) designed a Village Mediation Programme which has been successfully piloted.  The Programme was inspired by the experience of the Madaripur Legal Aid Association in Bangladesh over 30 years.  VMP delivers training to mediators at village level in their local language and ensures close ongoing supervision and monitoring.  It has been designed as a generic model for use in other countries and comprises a Course Book, Teacher's Manual, Village Mediators Handbook and supporting visual aids.  The VMP will be rolled out across Malawi and adopted in other countries both in Africa and elsewhere
  • In line with Sierra Leone government's Justice Sector Strategy, the DfID-funded Justice Sector Development Programme of Sierra Leone has secured the services of DRC Director, Brenda Brainch, in developing a Community Mediation Programme which will deliver training in mediation to urban and rural communities and establish links between the formal and informal justice providers.  
  • The Aga Khan has laid great importance on the establishment of Conciliation and Arbitration Boards for use by Ismaili communities in the resolution of disputes. Rupert Watson and Anthony Gross have helped train CABs in non-family mediation in Pakistan, Portugal, Syria, Afghanistan, Uganda and Kenya.  

In-house programmes:

  • Conflict resolution for journalists – Following the post-election violence, DRC partnered with African Woman and Child Feature Service to provide one-day courses for journalists covering conflict
  • 1-day courses for the insurance sector, banking and finance and the construction industry introduced participants to the full range of ADR processes and then focussed on mediation

Professional Arbitration:

  • Special Fellowship courses for arbitrators in Kenya, Dar-es-Salaam, Lusaka and Nigeria, lead by Anthony Gross as one Kenya’s leading lights in the London-based Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.  
  • DRC regularly facilitates and examines the ADR component of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators' Entry course

DRC will tailor-make courses on just about any aspect of conflict or dispute resolution for any audiences in any country.  

DRC students have been drawn from:

Electoral Commission of Botswana
Ministry of Defence, Lesotho
Justice Sector Development Programme, Sierra Leone
Housing Bank of Rwanda
Tanzanian Communications Regulatory Authority
Law Society of Kenya
Nigerian Communications Commission
Nigerian Bar Association
Judges of the Commercial Court of Uganda 
Kenya Bankers Association
Abuja FCT Multi Door Courthouse Panel of Neutrals, Nigeria
Kano Multi Door Courthouse Panel of Neutrals, Nigeria
Lagos Multi Door Courthouse Panel of Neutrals, Nigeria
Association of Kenya Insurers
The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Kenya branch)
Uganda Human Rights Commission
Kampala Centre for Peace Research
Kenya Retirement Benefits Authority
Attorney General's office, Kenya
British Council
Nigerian Meterological Agency
Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
Post Bank, Kenya
Barclays Bank
Leading Kenyan and Nigerian Law firms
Uganda Magistracy


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