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Through its founders and a carefully selected Panel of Neutrals, DRC is able to offer a wide range of ADR services appropriate to many different kinds of disputes.  

What kind of disputes do we handle?

  • Commercial organisations may have a longstanding court case which is costing them a lot of money 
  • Two villages may disagree over the weekday use of a shared football field
  • Divorcing and separating couples may find it difficult to agree on the custody of their children, division of property and other assets, maintenance and care agreements
  • Longstanding friends could be struggling over the unexpected breakup of a professional partnership

All manner of disputes can end up in court  OR they can be settled quickly and cost-effectively through ADR.  DRC promotes ADR, particularly mediation, as standard first-stage practice in any actual or potential dispute.    

More information on our services to FAMILY, COMMUNITY and BUSINESS can be found under the appropriate link.  

Training courses
We deliver training to anyone interested in learning about mediation in general, or wanting to develop mediation skills.  Details are provided under Training.  

DRC has worked in 20 countries around the world, contracted by governments, community groups, professional and commercial organisations and donors to assess, conduct feasibility studies, train, advise, review, design and discuss all aspects of ADR, in particular mediation.  More information under Consultancies.  


‘Anyone who conducts an argument by appealing to authority, is not using his intelligence, just his memory’
Benjamin Franklin

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