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With the increasing efficiency of transport and communications technology, we are interacting more and more with our fellow human beings.  This sometimes generates more heat than light so disputes and disagreements in the course of such interactions are inevitable.  The least one can do is try and ensure that commercial and personal relationships suffer minimum damage.  The use of alternative means of dispute resolution contributes hugely to maintaining and protecting relationships, the goal being speedy, efficient and cost-effective solutions.   For many, the desire to maintain a working relationship is met through a mediated settlement.    

Processes used in business disputes
The DRC was founded with a view to offering alternative means of settling disputes that were otherwise bound for the courts.  Many of these are business disputes which DRC helps to resolve, usually through the use of Mediation, but also other ADR processes such as: Early Neutral Evaluation, Expert Determination and Mini-Trials as well as Arbitration and Adjudication.  

What kind of disputes are handled through ADR
Disputes between borrower and lender, employer and employee, insured and insurer, landlord and tenant, supplier and consumer are all suitable for resolution through ADR.  For mediation to be given the best chance of success, all parties must show commitment to really wanting to get the dispute out of the way and move on.    

Co-owners of properties may have different ideas about how to deal with their asset, or partners in a family business may not agree on the direction the business should take.  Both scenarios are ideal for resolution through ADR and DRC has dealt with many such cases over the years.  

Some examples:

  • Individuals may be having problems over a contract with a large company
  • A manufacturer may have been let down by a supplier now in breach of contract
  • A claimant may disagree with the settlement offered by an insurance company
  • An individual or company may be in unmanageable debt
  • A bank may want to foreclose on a loan
  • A disagreement between a plumber and a building contractor can bring an entire construction project to a standstill
  • A tourist may be seeking damages for problems when on holiday
  • Goods may be damaged on delivery and no one will accept responsibility
  • Two insurance companies may be in disagreement over responsibility for damages in a road accident

Our key to success
The DRC is well equipped to help resolve disputes in such ways as ensure relationships between disputants stand the best chance of survival.  If necessary, we co-operate with other professional advisors.    


‘Even a sheet of paper has two sides’
Japanese proverb
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