The Dispute Resolution Centre (DRC) in Kenya was founded in 1997 in response to an increasing need in East Africa for a new dimension in resolving disputes, by seeking non-adversarial means of settlement, promoting reconciliation and cutting the cost of conflict in terms of both time and money.    

DRC has evolved into a far-reaching institution committed to building capacity in our broader society for practising non-confrontational means of prevention, management and resolution of disputes in a wide range of sectors: rural and commercial, political and legal, religious and judicial, academic and domestic; thereby promoting advocacy and bridge-building.   The range of processes is commonly referred to as ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) but the most common is mediation.  

DRC is now engaged in providing professional ADR services as well as training and consultancies to communities as well as the private and public sectors of 20 countries around the world.  

DRC is a founder member of the African Mediation Association and serves as AfMA's regional office for East and Central Africa.  

Dispute Resolution Centre in 2012 entered into a Memorandum of Understanding between Strathmore Law School to form the STRATHMORE DISPUTE RESOLUTION CENTRE. Kindly follow the link to our new website (www.sdrc.or.ke) to find out more about Strathmore Dispute Resolution Centre's activities, and how to contact us.


‘Dispute Resolution Centre is a founder member of the African Mediation Association & serves as AfMA's regional office for East & Central Africa.’
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